Our Phone System

Irongate Family Practice Associates has a new phone system which we feel will make it easier for you to contact your physician’s office.

Our main number is (518) 793-4409.

Our fax number for medical information is (518) 615-0148.


From the options you will be asked to pick the number for your doctor’s office:

  1. DR. ABESS, Joe Dufour, NP & Maggie Caiazza, NP
  2. DR. COPPENS & DR. REEVES, Linda Sugent-Gray, PA, Cherie Coe, NP & Patty Ellement, PA.
  4. DR. EMBLIDGE, Jeffrey Stark, PA, Russ Otto, PA & Rich Robertson, PA
  5. DR. EVANS, Sherry Pronto, PA & Bill Fielding, PA
  6. DR. FILION, Michael Connell, PA & Carol Conolly, PA
  7. DR. PETRACCA, Susan Goe, NP & Laura Vaughn, NP
  8. DR. LOVE, Dawn Giorgio, PA

After you choose the number for your doctor, you will hear other choices:

  1. For prescription refills & samples
  2. For appointments
  3. For test results or a nurse
  4. For Referrals, Disability or Medical Records
  5. For Radiology Department or the Lab
  6. For insurance prior authorization
  7. For Billing Department, Workers Comp or No-Fault
  8. For Manager or Bookkeeper

Once you become familiar with these options, you can press the option you want without waiting for the prompts.

We also have direct dial for:

Billing Department      832-6281
Referrals                          832-6282